Austin Entrepreneur Spotlight: Cratejoy

If you’re an Austin entrepreneur who is thinking about starting a box subscription business, you need to meet Amir Elaguizy, the founder of Cratejoy. Elaguizy has just launched an enterprise that will make life much easier for people who sell box subscriptions.


Elaguizy’s success lies in the fact that he found a niche of customers that is currently underserved. The story of Cratejoy shows that if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, sometimes you have to think outside the box (sorry, I couldn’t resist).


Subscription As A Service


Companies that use the subscription-as-a-service model are becoming more and more prevalent nowadays. Many entrepreneurs are now seeing the value in getting subscribers rather than one-time customers.

This is especially true of entrepreneurs here in Austin. Companies like The Fox Society and The Austin Batbox are great examples of the subscription model in action.


 Where Cratejoy Comes In


Cratejoy is a company that helps small subscription-based companies run their operation. It takes care of most of the logistics involved in running a subscription-based business and allows the owner to focus on the other aspects of running their company.


Here’s what this includes:


  • Transactions
  • Inventory management
  • Shipping functions
  • Analytic tools


Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, this service can make life much easier for you.


How Did It Start?


It began in 2012 when Amir Elaguizy and his partner, Alex Morse decided to start a brand new venture. They wanted to create something that would make it easier for entrepreneurs to start their businesses. After trying out a few different ideas, they came up with the idea that would eventually become Cratejoy.


After doing research on subscription-based companies, Elaguizy and Morse were able to figure out that there were multiple problems that these companies had in common. Once they had finished their research, they got to work.

In 2013, they began building their software. The finished product? A service that helps the entrepreneur successfully manage their monthly subscription products.


What is amazing about Cratejoy’s story is the fact that they already had customers waiting for their product before it was even ready to be beta tested. Then they were still researching their industry, the entrepreneurs they spoke with told other budding entrepreneurs who loved the idea.


By the time they were ready to perform their beta tests, they already had 800 customers waiting to use their services. Even though the product is still being tested, it is clear that there is a market for Cratejoy’s services.


However, Elaguizy and Morse are just getting started. They have big plans for Cratejoy. Part of their overall vision includes creating an online marketplace for people who are interested in shopping for multiple types of box subscriptions.


What Cratejoy Can Teach Us About Entrepreneurship


One of the main reasons Cratejoy is succeeding is because Elaguizy and Morse were willing work hard to identify their niche. We usually think that great business ideas come in the form of magically brilliant “ah ha” moments that pop into an entrepreneur’s head all of a sudden.


Cratejoy’s story shows that this isn’t true. The founders of Cratejoy took the time to speak with hundreds of business owners in order to figure out what problem they could solve with their business. Since they were willing to do their due diligence, they now have a growing business that just got them $4 million in funding.


If you’re starting a business, don’t feel like you need to rush through the process. Do your homework first. The more informed you are, the better your ideas will be.



Keep moving forward.










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